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Gastrofests differently
Let's take a look at international venues and see how far gastronomic adventurers would go to indulge their tastebuds. Following the list of bizarre restaurants, here’s the list of the most bizarre food fests.
Francisck Réka Alíz
Best of Budapest online | March 8, 2015

In recent years, both in Budapest and in the country a growing number of  gastronomic festivals are available, including different spirit and wine fests, cheese tastings, truffel huntings, etc. Organizers have realized that culinary programs and cultural events go perfectly hand-in-hand, presenting professional but still, traditional food fests. Is there anything else into Hungary’s gastro-festival scene? Let’s see how other people do it.
RoadKill Cook-off
Marlington, West Virginia, US
The RoadKill Cook-off is said to be one of the region’s most exciting and fun annual events. Since a West Virginia statute makes it legal to take home and eat roadkill, Marlington town started to organize a unique food festival and cooking competition some 20 years ago, where “All entries must have, as their main ingredient, any animal commonly found dead on the side of the road – groundhog, o‘possum, deer, rabbit, squirrel, snake, etc. Well, it makes sense after all – it’s all about using what’s available. “Eating roadkill has an even lower environmental footprint than being a conventional vegetarian who buys groceries at the market, plus, it’s free,” organizers say. Winning recipes include Squirrel Gravy over Biscuits, Fried Rattle snake, Teriyaki Marinated Bear and Pothole Possum Stew. As they say, “The next time you're driving down the highway and you feel a thud against the bumper, don't get upset. Get out of the car and start thinking up a great recipe!
Annual Testicle Festival
Clinton, Montana, US
Usually known by its classier name, the Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival, this ball fest is dedicated to serving deep-fried bull testicles. You can have your choice plain deep-fried, beer battered or marinated. Those on a low-testicle diet can have fun as well! One of the highlights of the festival is Bullshit Bingo, with a grand prize of $100 for the lucky person who can correctly predict where a cow will do its doodie.
Wildfoods Festival
Hokitika, New Zealand
Since 1989, the quiet coastal town of Hokitika has been drowing thousands of visitors for a spring weekend celebrating the unique lifestyle, food and hospitality of the West coast region. Here visitors dig their teeth into tender goat testicle stew, grilled blackened sheep's tail, cow udders and magpie pies, deep-fried starfish, scorpions on stick, served intact from head to tail, seahorse soup and wasp larvae ice cream.
Candy Throwing Fight
Vilanova i La Geltra, Spain
Originally a protest of the Franco regime’s Carnival prohibition, this annual festival is by far the sweetest food fight in the world! Celebrations begin on Fat Tuesday with the Meringue Wars, where bakeries open their stores and pass out free pie ammunition to children. The adults dress in the colors of their respective Carnival Society and attend parties and masquerades before joining the children in the streets in what becomes a sweet tooth free-for-all! Over 90,000 kg of food has been donated to the food fight, ranging from pies to candy. The festival officially ends with the ceremonial burial of a sardine to mark the beginning of Lent and fasting. A real dentist’s nightmare!
It’s all about the novelty factor. Nothing at these festivals will kill you. And, as everyone knows, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.