Saturday January 20, 2018 |
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Wine Festival Budapest
Year after year, Budapest's International Wine and Champagne Festival proves to be the highlight of the fall festival scene, traditionally presenting thousands of Hungary's best reds and whites, live music and gourmet food, in the beautiful historic setting of Buda Castle.
Best of Budapest online | September 10, 2013
The wine and combined art fest offers a grape harvest parade, champagne knight initiation ceremony, Wine Academy, folk music concerts and an insight into the Portuguese wine regions this year. Event attendees will be able to taste varieties and network with independent growers to learn about the differences between styles, regions and national production methods and take mundane wine tasting to new levels. The motto of this year’s fest is “Wine and Women… beauties in their own right,” so visitors can learn about the role of women in winemaking through a number of exciting programs. Free WIFI and a smart phone app will be available that includes map of Wine Festival, data and contact details of exhibiting winemakers, a presentation of performing artists and groups, recommended wine tours and other important information of public interest. September 11-15