Friday January 19, 2018 |
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Városligeti Café & Bar opens
One of the latest additions to Budapest’s gastronomy scene, the Városligeti Café & Bar has officially opened, occupying a beautifully restored building by the picturesque ice rink in the City Park.
István J. Bedő
Best of Budapest online | October 17, 2013
Following a month long trial period, the new complex now operates at full steam, year round, even between the usual peak seasons (ice skating period in winter and boating in the summer). The restaurant features a laid-back atmosphere, with interior elements recalling the past, especially the era of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. Huge windows offer a great panorama, and, when the weather permits, a terrace will also await guests who prefer dining closer to nature.
The restaurant offers an international and Hungarian bistro menu, including dishes that were popular during the Monarchy, for instance the Tafelspitz – a rump-steak boiled in rich clear consommé. The café bar has a wide selection of freshly roasted coffee, and makes a nowhere-else-to-be-found coffee specialty named Liget Coffe topped with whipped cream.
The renovation of the beautiful turn-of-the-century building, to reach its original splendor, took nine months, deep research and careful planning. The salon, next to the bar, with its ornamented white and gold stucco can serve as a perfect background for elegant events. Designed to the highest technology standards, it can host conferences too.