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Truffle's in season and in Pomo d'Oro!
Truffle, which once even caused wars, is still considered as a royal dish. Chef Rosario at Pomo d'Oro brings this delicasy close to us, introducing the Truffle Weeks. The menu will hopefully last until the end of October.
Réka Alíz Francisck
Best of Budapest online | October 11, 2013
Truffle, also known as ‘black diamond,’ is not a novel delicacy on the menu of human kind. According to Egyptian hieroglyphics, it was a beloved food even 5,000 years ago. People used to believe truffle grew where stags stepped their autumn bridal dance, or where lightning hit the ground during heavy storms. In those countries where truffle-hunt still has traditions, the processing of mushroom has also improved to a much higher level. Chocolate, pasta, butter, different creams are made of or with it. See what chef Rosario, from downtown Italian restaurant Pomo d'Oro has dreamt for us.

The menu:
Fragrant cheese créme soup with truffles
Truffels risotto with shrimps carpaccio and carbonara sauce dots
Home made Passatelli noodles with sage butter served with slices of truffles
Roasted seppia fish stuffed with cod fish served truffle slices
Porchetta-thinly sliced roasted pork roulade roasted porcini mushrooms
Roast wild sea bass file with parsley puree and truffle sauce
Sirloin cake with Marsala wine sauce seved with slices of truffles
White chocolate mousse with hazelnut cream with truffles

Science and truffle

The origin of truffle remained unanswered for quite a long time. In one of his scientific dissertations in the middle of the 18th century, French botanist, Claude Joseph evolved that truffle, just like the rest growing above the ground, was also a kind of mushroom. In the field of 'scientific mushroom-hunt' Hungary is represented by Laszlo Hollós, academic from Kecskemét, and István Szemere. The mapping of Hungary's underground mushrooms is their achievement. While wandering in Veszprém County, Hollós recognized the locals referred to truffle as 'earthly bread', they knew it well and fancied to have it fried in goose fat.
Truffle live 10-30 cm under the ground in symbiosis with trees or bushes.It can be grown even on plantations if the appropriate conditions are guaranteed. This kind of mushroom should be planted in Oct-Nov, but also possible in Feb and March. A well-managed plantation turns productive only after 8-12 years, so for those who want to invest in such things, we advise to prepare for a long-term and risky business.

The generation of truffle's reproduction substance takes place in top secret laboratory conditions. Among all growing mushrooms, this one has the most nutritional value. It is rich in protein, mineral salt, especially in potassium and phosphor. With its excellent savor and scent it outstands every other edible mushrooms and understandably its prize is multiple than that of the others. Truffle has a charming scent on its own. Although truffle is popular mainly in Italy, France and Spain, it does not specifically link to the Mediterranean taste and culture; it also fits into the Hungarian cuisine.

Do It Yourself
Put eggs and truffle in a box and a couple of days later the eggs take over the scent of the mushroom, then a wonderful omlette can be made of them.