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This is how celebs cook
A unique food and wine festival is to take place at Symbol Budapest tonight, presenting no less than 66 Hungarian celebrities and their favorite dishes, paired with their choice of wine. The show starts at 6 PM.
Source: MTI
Best of Budapest online | November 23, 2012

A unique cookbook by Gábriel Őszy-Tóth was published recently, presenting the food-loving side of many Hungarian celebrities, including artists, athletes, actors and musisians. The cookbook entitled 'Így főznek a hírességek' (This is how celebs cook) contains selected recipes, illustrations and quotes from 66 well-known Hungarians, including Adrien Szekeres and her beloved stuffed cabbage and opera singer Ilona Tokody, introducing her tiramisu, just to name a couple. The book is of course completed with preparation tips, food-related stories and original illustrations, turning the stylish edition into a hybrid artbook-cookbook. Many of those celebs included in the book will be present at Symbol Budapest tonight, where, during a mini gastro-fest, they will offer guests there favorite dishes, paired with 33 great wines.

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