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Tasting the Original Greek Sprit
Budapest's BOLS Mixer Academy welcomed the press to an exclusive Metaxa presentation and tasting event on September 16, hosted by the world renowned master mixer Costas Raptis.
Júlia Horváth
Best of Budapest online | October 1, 2014
Following the show which gave everyone a look inside the 125 year old story of how the well-known Grecian delicacy is made, the audience was invited to a tasting of the original Greek spirit.The drink, which is neither a brandy nor a wine due to its unique spices and ingredients, is made from the muscat grapes of the Grecian Samos and Limnos Islands. Alexandria and Samos grapes are the two types of muscat grapes which are used to create the velvet sooth drink. The grapes, which are only watered by the mist of the ocean waves and grown with the help of the rays of sunshine which look down on the islands, are harvested by hand at the end of August and the start of September. After this, the muscat wines are enriched with distilled water made from caramelized fruits and rose petals and placed in oak tree barrels to age in flavor.

The original creator of the drink, Spyros Metaxa had the dream to create a wine with his own special twist of using different types of good quality spices as ingredients, thus creating a unique drink that no one had ever made before. His dream was accomplished in 1888 when the Metaxa brand was born, since then there have been five master blenders to carry on his legacy. The current master blender Costas Raptis has held the title since 1991 and personally tastes each and every bottle to ensure the excellence of the drink. He spends most of his time on the Mediterranean islands, and along with following the traditions of the brand, Costas has also master blended a few new drinks to add to the Metaxa collection.

Costas showed his unique blending talents to the world by completing Metaxa’s famous line of 5 star and 7 star drinks with an even more exclusive 12 star drink. The stars indicate the age of the wine, and Metaxa’s 5 star drink might be the most known, with its vibrant and floral tastes of jasmine of aromatic muscats. The 7 star is the most traditional one, the rich fruits and citrusy flavours create a smooth finish; it is the perfect after dinner drink. The 12 star Metaxa was created through a 3 year process, only with Somas muskets; the most prestigious drink contains caramelized fruits, toffee, and oak with a zest of orange. Although Metaxa is recommended to be drunk straight or with an ice cube, it may also be used to create some exciting cocktails. With its unique blend of floral and fruity spices, Metaxa creates a unique taste experience that no other drink can match, no wonder it is known as one of the most popular drinks all over the world!