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Stylish Countryside Restaurants 7.0
On September 6, Hungary's best countryside restaurants will gather to prove that high-end gastronomy is indeed available outside of Budapest. This time, the event takes place in Pannonhalma, close to Győr.
Best of Budapest online | September 3, 2015

We suggest you hop into your car this Sunday, and head to Pannonhalma, for an outstanding culinary experience, organized by SVÉT (Stylish Countryside Restaurants) and hosted by the Museum of the Archabbey of Pannonhalma, and Viator Restaurant.
Some of the country's best restaurants and wine bars will gather there so you can sample their gourmet dishes and try the host's great wines. (As you know, through the centuries, the life of the monks was closely connected with grapes and wine.) Concerts will add to the festive atmosphere.

Participating restaurants

Anyukám Mondta
Baricska Csárda
Chianti Étterem
Erhardt Étterem
IKON Étterem
Kistücsök Étterem
Macok Bisztró és Borbár
Nomád Hotel
Rosinante Étterem
VIATOR Apátsági Étterem
Walter Vendéglő
Eranthis Pannonhalmi Apátsági Termékek
Pannonhalmi Apátsági Pincészet
Vis Vitalis Bencés Ásványvíz
PAUSA Apátsági Kávéház
Sarki Fűszeres

Registration: there is no admission fee, but advance registration is required.