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Stylish Countryside Restaurants 4.0
On Sep 8, Hungary's best countryside restaurants will gather to prove that high-end gastronomy is indeed available outside of Budapest. This time, the event takes place in Noszvaj, close to Eger.
Best of Budapest online | August 22, 2013

Noszvaj is a picturesque little village, featuring a beautiful baroque castle and the Nomád Hotel & Camping, probably the most friendliest hotel in the country. This is an ideal setting for this gastro event, which is definietly worth the drive! We'll be there too, as one of the media partners.

Participating restaurants are
: Anyukám Mondta from Encs, Chianti Restauarnt from Veszprém, Ikon Restaurant from Debrecen, Macok from Eger, Kistücsök Restaurant from Balatonszemes, the Mandula Restaurant and Wine-Bar from Villány, the Manga, Mangalica Gastronomy-Workshop from Etyek, Nomád Hotel (hosting the event), Rosinante Restaurant from Szigetmonostor, Viator Apátsági Restaurant from Pannonhalma, Walter Hostel from Perbál. Plus the Spicy Corner as surprise guest.
The ’wine-master’ of the day will be Bolyki János from Eger. 

Registration: there is no admission fee, but advance registration is required by e-mail.

More information:
Szonja  Kitzinger
+3670 940 0821