Saturday January 20, 2018 |
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Street musicians playing in restaurants?
Born from a humble idea by Marketing Helyszínelő, a unique event took place on May 8 at Budapest’s Zappa Caffe in Mikszáth Kálmán Square, where street musicians provided an atmosphere unlike any other.
Francisck Réka Alíz
Best of Budapest online | May 10, 2013

Live, local music combined with good food – you can’t go wrong there. That was the motto of Marketing Helyszínelő when they introduced an initiative which can be regarded as an absolute win-win business, and also a fresh take on charity. Long story short: a restaurant makes business by receiving street musicians, who, in exchange of a good meal, provide entertainment for guests. The artists this way are given the stage to perform in a more relaxed atmosphere comparing to the streets. They also receive the attention that might be their real first step towards building up a career and reputation. Guests have nothing else to do but enjoy the ambiance. If they wish, they may support the artists with donations. Well, the concept is now tried and tested, and organizers hope the program will spread to other cafés and restaurants in town.