Sunday January 21, 2018 |
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Siófok Wine and Spritzer Fest
The continuously successful Wine and Spritzer Fest will be held for the fifth time in Siófok between July 28th and August 6th.
Best of Budapest online | July 27, 2017
The festival, highlighting the best wines of Lake Balaton is one of the most popular summer programs of the city. The 10-day event series takes place in the spirit of "local bands - Balaton wines", where both locals and tourists will thoroughly enjoy themselves. For 10 days, quality performances and concerts will entertain the audience in the evenings at the Siófok Ship station, while in the meantime you can stroll from one wooden stall to the next, tasting the best wines of the Balaton, as well as gourmet specialties such as cheeses, dried fruits and cakes.