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Sicilian Wine Dinners at La Coppola
The upcoming edition of La Coppola's Sicilian Wine Dinner series will take place on May 23. Chef Abdel Hafez Hyassat has promised to prepare dishes that have intensive effect on the mind, but are light on the stomach. Read the menu below:
Source: press release
Best of Budapest online | May 14, 2013

Beanarotte roman salad (roman lettuce, whole green beans, carrot, cherry tomato, radish)
2012 Alessandro di Camporeale, Catarratto Benedé
Artichoke risotto (artichoce, green asparagus, pine nuts, date oil)
2011 Maurigi Souvignon Blanc, Coste all’ombre
Sauteed calamari or San Daniele ham (marinated with white beans and black truffle, poached egg yolk, cocoa powder, vegetable consommé)
2012 San Michele all’Adige Muller Thurgau

Scallops or vitello (with caramellized cauliflower puree, raisins and truffle dressing)
2010 Alessandro di Camporeale Syrah Kaid
Rhubarb strawberry trio (rhubarb panna cotta, strawberry cake on rhubarb espuma and strawberry sorbet)
2009 Alessandro di Camporeale Syrah veddemmia tardiva

Ár: HUF 14.000/ fő
Regisztráció: vagy (+361) 235 0425

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