Saturday January 20, 2018 |
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Second gold medal for chocoMe
One of chocoMe’s Raffinée flavours earned gold medal for the second time in 2016, at the International Chocolate Awards. The world’s best milk chocolate dragee made with nuts is officially Hungarian!
Source: Press release
Best of Budapest online | November 11, 2016
Just recently, chocoMe was awarded with its second gold medal at the world's most prestigious international professional competition, the International Chocolate Awards in the world finals and was officially given the title: the world’s best milk chocolate dragee made with nuts. As always, the world championship finals and award ceremony was held in London at The Chocolate Show event.
The award-winning product is the piemonte hazelnut covered in ground Ethiopian Harrar coffee and hazelnut flavored milk chocolate. At the East-European regional finals which was held only a few weeks ago, chokoME also won a Gold Medal with this Raffinée product, which was a promising turn of events foreshadowing that they may be amongst the finalists at the world event. ”I did not dare to hope for such a great success that after last year’s victory (when we received the honorable title of the best white chocolate dragee made with nuts) we will win a Gold Medal yet again,” said Gábor Mészáros, chocoMe’s founder and owner. The brand increased the number of its international professional recognitions to 32 with this latest award. 
The jury of the world finals in London consisted of the most prestigious foreign chocolate makers, gastronomy experts, sommeliers and chefs: George Gensler, Manhattan Chocolate Society (US), Nancy Gilchrist, Master of Wine (UK), Monica Meschini, chocolate/tea tester, sommelier (Italy), Maricel Presilla, chef, restaurateur, author (US), Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts (US), a “The Well-Tempered Chocolatier” (Canada) and many others. The head of the jury and the founder of the award Martin Christy, editor of the authoritative chocolate website Seventy% -  is held today as one of the world’s greatest chocolate experts.