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Quality coffee in restaurants
According to Nespresso’s survey, four fifths of those who frequently visit restaurants indicate that quality coffee is a clear expectation and can influence their choice of establishment. Read on to find out more!
Source: press relase
Best of Budapest online | December 20, 2017
Almost 5 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year in Hungary. Hungarians drink more than 1 billion of those away from home, on their way to work, at their workplaces, while eating out, or at the end of the workday as a way of relaxation. This means that Hungarians consume every fifth cup somewhere in the city, which is huge potential for cafés and restaurants. In the past few years, we’ve heard a lot about the so-called gastro-revolution in Hungary. The majority of restaurants that serve top quality food, have an implacable wine list as well. According to the Managing Director of Nespresso Hungary, Györgyi Gyovai, restaurants can differentiate themselves from the competition not only with wines but with a rich coffee menu, offering a wide variety of this drink. 
 “Our recent study showed that an overwhelming majority, 80% of coffee drinkers and restaurant goers look for quality coffee in restaurants, one fifth of them even said that there were occasions when they would chose a restaurant because of the coffee served. Good restaurants began building their own brands, presenting a great selection of wines and a sommelier. At Nespresso, we expect that sometime soon we’ll see restaurants aiming for a distinguished coffee selection too,” said Gyovai. 
Ákos Sárközi, Michelin Star chef of Borkonyha also believes in the evolution of coffee served in restaurants. “I think we can even declare that where bad coffee is served, the food won’t be good either. Although nowadays, it is not that difficult to brew a nice cup of coffee thanks to automatic coffee machines, which can make excellent coffee from coffee capsules at the flick of a finger. This also means that restaurants don’t necessarily need to have employees with extra training or special technologies to be able to make a quality cup of coffee every time.”