Friday January 19, 2018 |
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Pig Slaughter Sausage Festival
If you are eager to witness the centuries old ritual of a Hungarian pig slaughter, in a sophisticated way (without horroristic effects), and enjoy pork dishes, freshly made sausages and other goodies, this festival on November 14-16 is for you.
Best of Budapest online | November 4, 2014
You don’t even need to leave town: the venue for this gastro-cult fest is in Budapest’s District 14, at the Railway Museum and its huge park. Of course, all of the interactive programs offered by the museum are free to visitors, including steam engine riding, velorails or railbikes, the train rotating platform, the railcars and the omnibus. An animal farm will present indigenous Hungarian species (alive), such as black buffalo, grey cattle, racka sheep and mangalica pig. A farmer’s market, a wine terrace and a pálinka street will be set, for the delight of meat lovers. In the evening, you can warm up at the 3,000m2 Orient engine house, sipping pálinka and listening to gypsy, folk and rock tunes.