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Patron saints of gastronomy moving into Hotel Gellért
St. Martin who is often referred to as the judge of new wine and also the patron of winemakers, is summoned during the most exciting Martin’s Day program series of Hungary, on November 10-13 in Danubius Hotel Gellért.
Source: press release
Best of Budapest online | November 2, 2016
On November 10-13, all halls and rooms of the elegant and historic hotel will be permeated by the myths of patron saints of Czech beer, cooks, waiters, matured cheeses and wine makers – welcoming guests with exciting programs.

Saints in the house

As you may know, in 2016 we celebrate Saint Martin memorial year, on the 1,700th anniversary of his birth. On this occasion the traditional, four-day-long 6th Martin’s Day Wine Festival at Hotel Gellért summons several saints of gastronomy and arts including Saint Gellért (Gerard) as patron saint of Budapest, Saint Martin as judge of new wine and patron saint of horse and goose keepers, as well as wine makers, Saint Wenceslas as patron saint of Czech beers, the Roman Saint Lawrence as patron saint of cooks, Saint Martha as patron saint of maids, housewives, cooks, waiters and waitresses, Saint Vincent as patron saint of winemakers, Saint Brigitte of Kildare as patron saint of matured cheese, Saint Cecile as patron saint of music and musicians, as well as Saint Lucas as patron saint of arts. Visitors to the festival are invited to learn more about these patron saints related to gastronomy, while tasting the best wines and matching dishes.


On November 10, beer specialties of the Zirc Abbey – preserving traditions of 300 years – will be introduced, along with a gourmet beer dinner for interested visitors. Guided by historian Csaba Katona visitors can join a beer history tour, wandering through the hotel’s suites where heads of state, movie stars and artists stayed. On Friday and Saturday, the wine festival welcomes visitors with a selection of premium wineries, gastro exhibitors, concerts, contemporary art exhibitions, wine tour and a sensational wine dinner with Zsófia Mautner and Eszter Fűszeres as hosts, and with Gerbeaud, Kistücsök, Salon and Tanti as guest restaurants. On both days a unique ‘Suite Restaurant’ will welcome guests in Hotel Gellért: a luxury suit with a fantastic view on River Danube will be transformed to a restaurant and will host chef Pesti István who will introduce his Dom Perignon and black truffle compositions. On Sunday the traditional Sunday Brunch will close festival with the guest restaurants Paris Budapest, Araz, Hilton, Gundel, Manna Étterem and Panoráma Restaurant.
For further information, visit the festival's website.