Saturday January 20, 2018 |
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Pálinka tasting at Tátra Street
This program is for pálinka lovers. Spiritus Primus introduces a series of pálinka tasting events this spring. The second “shot,” featuring apricot, cherry, plum and sour cherry pálinkas, will take place on March 27.
Best of Budapest online | March 20, 2015
Find out what makes the traditional Hungarian brandy called pálinka a noble and quality spirit. Conducted by Katalin Badics Pálinka Master, this special course will supply you with info on the history and art of pálinka-brewing in Hungary and you will be thaught how to taste and sense aroma and flavor. Attending these programs won’t make you a professional pálinka master, but you will learn a lot and you will surely have lots of fun.

Spiritus Kávéház, Pálinka- és Borszaküzlet
District 13, Tátra u. 12/B.
Tel:+36 1 796 7020, Mobil: +3620-959-3733

Costs: HUF 4.590 / occasion

Upcoming themes:
Grape and Törköly (pomace) pálinka – April 10
Berry fruit and bedded pálinka – April 24