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Listen to the concept of Stradivari Restaurant!
The Stradivari restaurant with its concept of farm-to-table ingredients and unique twists on Hungarian classics is a beacon of light in the domestic catering industry, where the most outstanding dishes are prepared from ingredients sourced from Hungarian farmers.
Source: press release
Best of Budapest online | December 1, 2015
The goal of gastro expert Balázs Váradi-Szabó and Chef Gábor Ferencz is an open secret. They would like their restaurant - located in Aria Hotel Budapest at Hercegprímás Street 5 - to become a favorite of both Hungarians and foreigners alike.
The aim of Stradivari Restaurant is to conjure up unique Hungarian dishes with a modern twist, where particular attention is paid to selecting high quality ingredients. They also offer their own coffee blend, wines, home-made jams and specialties all prepared from ingredients sourced from Hungarian producers. The directive of farm-to-table encompasses the environmental and health aspects of food consumption. Therefore, the majority of the ingredients are sourced directly from small producers and from farms that are regularly checked. “We place special emphasis on the quality of ingredients in both food and beverages. Because our priority is to showcase the best traits of Hungarian cuisine, it is important to use as many ingredients from the domestic market as possible. With this strategy, we hope that we can promote Hungarian smallholders, and thereby, assist them in the consolidation of their businesses. In addition, we have greater control of the freshness and quality of products. Instead of using frozen, ready-made products we place healthy, fresh ingredients at the forefront, and avoid using additives, flavor enhancers and preservatives,”  said Balázs Váradi-Szabó gastro expert of Stradivari Restaurant.
They aspire to uniqueness by combining quality ingredients, and instead of obtaining manufactured ready-made goods; they produce whatever they can themselves. They have created a real reform in Hungarian Cuisine, creatively changing Hungarian flavors so traditional dishes are transformed completely to offer a modern, sophisticated menu. One of the restaurant’s special creations is, among others, the marhapörkölt (beef stew) burger, the Hortobágy Eclair, or the Lúdláb cake which is made with “laboratory” precision by pastry-cook Zsuzsa Szabó. “The aim has been to renew Hungarian cuisine while keeping the fundamental flavors, because paprikás csirke (chicken stew) has to taste like it. However, the presentation and its concept can be different, and in this field, we have some surprises in store,” said Chef Gábor Ferencz, who believes this playful and modern approach can be attractive to both Hungarian and foreign customers. “We chose a unique approach that fuses modern and classical elements in both the refurbishment of our restaurant and in gastronomy. It reflects the past, respects it, builds on it, while at the same time it is playful, effortless and very now,” Balázs Váradi-Szabó added.

Drink Specialties

The restaurant does not only apply its quality driven philosophy and shameless individualism to its food. The restaurant’s coffee also dares to be different as a result of a special blending process, which is prepared in a Tuscan coffee roasting plant. The coffee master directly sources the coffee beans from African and South American plantations. The house’s own coffee, called William's Coffee, is a blend of two types of Arabica coffee and mostly characterized by citrus aromas, fruity flavors that are complemented by soft chocolate notes. Its idiosyncratic characteristics are finely balanced on the border between a classic Italian coffee and the enterprising new wave of coffee varieties.

The restaurant also gives unknown wineries and distilleries an opportunity to showcase their wares. The wine list contains natural and spontaneous fermentation bio-organic wines, and beautifully crafted Hungarian regional wines. But at the same time it also lists outstanding, quirky alcoholic drinks from abroad. However, they strive to obtain these directly from small distilleries instead of approaching major international brands. “Such is the harmony of flavors of these whiskies that they are more unique, have more characteristic flavors and offer a whole new experience,” said Balázs Váradi-Szabó, who also mentions the wide range of champagnes they offer. The cocktails of Aria Hotel Budapest are specially designed for them and one can order such cocktails as a jazz or classical music. They also offer non-alcoholic drinks such as hot chocolate with salt-caramel, pumpkin latte or the tea with rum and spices. The High Note Sky Bar, which is located on the roof terrace, is open all year around.

The feel of a cosmopolitan club from morning to night

Starivaldi’s unconcealed aim is to make Aria Hotel Budapest the favorite meeting place from 7 am until 11 pm for both locals and foreign guests alike, who are drawn there by its individuality, whether it be for their breakfast, business lunch, wine and cheese menu, cocktails or dinner. The Starivaldi restaurant is discreetly placed to allow diners to enjoy its unique meals without interruptions, but those who feel like participating in the vibrant inner city surroundings can immerse ourselves in this life by having our drinks in the Satchmo's Bar and Lounge facing Hercegpríma street or in the High Note Sky Bar located on the rooftop with magnificent view. All three places are award-winning, taking gold and silver prizes at this year's Hospitality Design contest.

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