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Lecsó Party at Remiz
Budapest's Remiz will hold its annual summer-closing party on September 4 this year. The party traditioanally takes place at the restaurant's garden featuring lecsó, live music and a high-spirited atmosphere.
Francisck Réka Alíz
Best of Budapest online | August 17, 2016

Remiz is an internationally acclaimed restaurant, where loyal guests return frequently to enjoy the warm hospitality and high quality Hungarian food provided by its legendary owner, Alice Meződi, and her Executive Chef, Gyula Madarász. It became a tradition that the restaurant celebrates the end of summer with a stylish Lecsó Party in September, inviting regulars and new guests alike, including the cream of the Hungarian cultural and media scene, topped with a famous wine-maker (this year János Eszterbauer). The menu will feature the Hungarians’ beloved summer specialty named ‘lecsó,’ cooked in a huge bogrács (cauldron) and prepared in different ways to please every palette. “Often referred to as the Hungarian Ratatouille, lecsó, essentially, is a stew of onions, various shaped and sized peppers including hot and yellow banana peppers, tomatoes and paprika. It can be served with sliced sausages or frankfurters, with or without scrambled eggs, eggplant and rice. We have chosen this versatile dish years ago as our traditional summer-closing parties’ main course, and people fell in love with it,” Alice Meződi reveals. As usual, live concert will add to the pleasant atmosphere.