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Krúdy dinner at Carne di Hall
On May 27 you may discover the world of Krúdy - or at least part of it. Carne di Hall prepares an 8-course nostalgic dinner that includes Krúdy’s favorites such as bone marrow and meat broth. Do not forget to register to this event!
Best of Budapest online | May 24, 2016
Just recently, Budapest’s Carne di Hall restaurant moved to a new location in district 8. To celebrate the opening they have chosen to pay tribute to the person whom their street is named after: Gyula Krúdy. Prepare for a hedonist night and register here.

PRICE: HUF 9.900, with soda water or HUF 14.900 with wine selection and soda water.

Gyula Krúdy (1878 –1933) is an ingenious Hungarian writer and journalist, who haunted the taverns of Budapest and lived on its streets while turning out a series of mesmerizing, revelatory novels that are among the masterpieces of modern literature. Dubbed "a Hungarian Proust" by critic Charles Champlin in The New York Times, he produced a prolific body of 60 novels and 3000 short stories including ‘The Crimson Coach,’ ‘Sunflower,’  and ‘The Adventures of Sindbad’,  an uncanny evocation of the autumn of the Hapsburg Empire.  His style is so unique that in Hungary there is a term for it: “Krúdyesque.” Krúdy wrote many stories about the alcoholic and erotic possibilities of the city in its heyday, possibilities which he himself lived to the full, including dining as a hedonist.

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