Saturday January 20, 2018 |
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Japanese dinner with sake tasting at Fuji
Celebrate Japanese culture and gastronomy with a visit to Budapest’s Fuji restaurant. On August 15, the restaurant organizes a Japanese Summer Festival in their tatami room, introducing a sake tasting and a special menu.
Best of Budapest online | August 11, 2016
The special menu includes: Stir-fried burdock slices with beef, green asparagus with sesame dressing, Sushi and sashimi selection, Green mussels baked in foil, with fresh vegetables, Shallow-fried king prawn, mushroom and vegetables, Cold Japanese noodles, Rice, Miso soup and Handmade Japanese dessert with fresh fruits.
The event that starts at 6 PM, features a lecture by Dr. Prof. Judit Vihar and traditional koto music.
Registration is a must!

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