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Goose Liver Fest 2013
This festival is all about goose liver. Organized by the Hungarian Tastes Commercial Alliance, the 5th edition of the festival will take place on June 7-9, at Budapest's Millenáris Park.
Best of Budapest online | June 4, 2013

Libamáj Festival offers a chance to taste Hungarian goose liver dishes prepared using traditional and redesigned recipes. A festive atmosphere is guaranteed by live concerts, dance performances and special programs for children such as a puppet theatre, a giant goose game  and a kid´s playing corner.
Did You Know?
Goose liver belongs to the cultural and gastronomical heritage of Hungary. A cook book written by Anna Bornemissza in the 1500s contains a recipe for roast goose liver. This written memory is one of the evidences proving the 400 years´ tradition of goose fattening in Hungary.