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Fuji achieves new heights
Tradition, quality and beauty - that is what you can expect from Budapest's Fuji restaurant that was recently restored for the great pleasure of those who are in love with authentic Japanese gourmet food.
Francisck Réka Alíz
Best of Budapest online | January 30, 2014
Fuji is Hungary's first and only genuine traditional Japanese restaurant that authentically represents the cuisine of the Land of the Rising Sun. Located in District 2, the 22-year-old restaurant features a teppanyaki-corner, a sushi and sashimi-bar and four tatami-rooms, complete with Japanese artwork upholstery.

The restaurant was restored a few months ago, and beautifully redecorated to fully capture the elegance and harmony of the Japanese aesthetic. It is often packed with Japanese tourists and is one of the favorite eateries of the local Japanese community in the Hungarian capital. “Japanese citizens and companies receive a 15% discount at Fuji, as do all diplomats based in Budapest,” Balázs Major, restaurant manager notes. And, thanks to its intense activity on Facebook and regular co-operation with gastronomy events in Budapest, Fuji sees an increasing number of Hungarian guests, as well. Japanese cuisine may be one of the most pricy cuisines available, but is also one of the healthiest,” Major explains the popularity of those delicious and fragrant dishes the restaurant’s Japanese chef, Masato Usuda prepares. “Japanese cuisine has quite a reputation all over the world for different reasons" he continues, highlighting the fact that on the island of Okinawa, people often live to 100­plus, which can be explained by their lifestyle, including their eating habits. “Take the Miso Soup for example. A bowl of this delicacy is full of health and anti­aging benefits. Traditional Japanese cuisine uses rich in cancer­fighting fruits and vegetables, iodine­rich seaweed (good for your thyroid); omega­3­rich seafood; shiitake mushrooms (a source of iron, potassium, zinc, copper, and folate), antioxidant­rich yams and green tea and whole­soy foods. Dishes are also prepared in the healthiest way possible, with a light steam or a quick stir­fry.”

“Our prime goal is to achieve the highest level of gourmet quality," Major adds. "We receive fresh supplies of fish weekly from Bretagne, France, from a fish market at Rungis. The presentation of the food is also sublime at Fuji. “Our chef presents food as edible art, playing with colors and textures,” Major notes, revealing that in addition to super fresh fish dishes, their quality Wagyu beef is a top seller, too. “We operate a delivery service and party services for private or corporate events, which can be ordered with or without a chef and staff. Business lunch menu is also available.”