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Fish ravioli and the Circle of Badacsony
Renowned Hungarian chefs and winemakers came up with a great idea during this summer: willing to establish a tradition, they founded ’Circle of Badacsony,’to jointly promote this region near Lake Balaton and its local cuisine.
Riedl Annamária
Best of Budapest online | August 28, 2013

Founding members of the Circle include Balázs Csapodi and László Jahni from Kistücsök, Béla Orbán from Országalma Restaurant, Lajos Takács from Olimpia and Laci!Pecsenye, Attila Gál from Káli Art Inn, András Wolf and Antoni Fekete from New York Kávéház and Salon Restaurant, along with winemakers Gergely Istvándy, Gábor Kardos, Bence Laposa, László Szeremley and Péter Váry.
"We have created a meal that 'speaks for' Badacsony, and we chose this particular dish to be the ambassador of the region: halderelye (fish ravioli) is also easy to pair with light, fragrant white wines, especially because one of its basic ingredients is the leaves of the Kéknyelű grape. The meal debuted just recently at the Badacsony Wine Festival, and the next step will be introducing this meal to as many Hungarian restaurants, as a specific Badacsony meal. The idea is that other regions in the country will adopt this approach, gathering chefs and winemakers into similar associations, so regional cuisines will gain fame, altogether strengthening and re-creating Hungarian kitchen.