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Exploring METAXA
As a new addition to the METAXA Family, the 12 stars METAXA touches all our senses. It is not only a drink, but an exploration. The harmony of tastes, scents and design makes the experience extraordinary.
Translation: Dorottya Ertsey
Best of Budapest online | November 3, 2016
Our sense organs are pretty much connected to each other. It is no secret that in the case of having a premium drink, the incidental music and the scenery are as important as the taste. That is how we get the whole experience. Don’t only drink it, feel its scent! Don’t only drink it, explore it! 
All you need to know about the new 12 stars METAXA, by four experts:
Designer Miklós Kiss who is recognized for his clean and straightforward style, has had many exhibitions and received several recognition awards. While holding the bottle and the gift box in his hands, he was immediately impressed by the iconic Greek blue color and the appearance of sunshine and the color gold, which are the characteristics of METAXA.  
Gábor Kollman, leader of the Budapest jazz orchestra said “There are 12 extracts blended in every 12 stars METAXA. That is the secret that makes the drink unique and unbelievably smooth. That is mostly true regarding music as well. To produce peaceful and gentle music, a complicated interplay of sounds is required.”
Without scents, we would hardly feel the 5 specific tastes. This can be tested by tasting something with a pinched nose. Csenge Lipovszky perfume coach and scent expert added that in the new METAXA “dried flowers, a wide range of fragrant spices, coffee and chocolate are mixed with dried plum and orange peel to provide with an inimitable fragrance experience.”
The side dishes have an important role as well, while tasting a premium drink. Péter Morafcsik, director of the Bols Bartender Academy advises that we accompany the 12 stars METAXA with dried fig. “Close your eyes during your first sip. The first impression is center around a smooth and silky taste. After that, an immediate and strong scent of hot chocolate take us over. Then explore some liquorice which will bring out the taste of dried orange peel. The experience will be over by the sweetness of dried plum and fig.”