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ÉS Deli Opens at Kempinski Corvinus
Gastronomic Quarter Downtown Budapest, the gastro center located on the ground floor of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, welcomes its newest member: as of today, ÉS Deli is open.
Source: press release
Best of Budapest online | April 14, 2015
Taking the Hotel’s successful cooperation with Zsidai Gastronomy Group to the next level, ÉS Deli set up a shop on The Promenade, adding carefully sourced “specialty coffee”, baked pastries and gourmet sandwiches freshly prepared in ÉS’ kitchen. Vegetarians and health-conscious guests may choose fruit and vegetable juices to complement their meat-free sandwiches and Bircher muesli. Also available, and ideal for gifts, we offer fine wines, jams and sauces homemade by ÉS Bisztró’s chefs.
ÉS Deli integrates the New York deli genre, the drink desserts of popular coffee chains and the world of authentic premium coffee. ÉS Deli targets not only the hotel’s guests but the locals who work nearby, or pass by, as well as tourists in the area.
"Specialty coffee consumption is gaining ground all over the world. Quality coffee is set apart from mass production as the utmost care is ensured from farming to roasting. ÉS Deli now brings this unique quality of premium coffee to Budapest, which was curated and roasted by Hungary’s pre-eminent and noted barista and coffee expert, Máté Nezvál,” said Zoltán Roy Zsidai, owner of Zsidai Gastronomy Group.

The ÉS Deli blend offers a symphony of fresh flavours and light roasting, by marrying a Rwandan bean (Cyebumba) and a Guatemalan bean (Finca Santa Paula) in equal measure. The Bourbon and Caturra varieties of Arabica are grown at 1,477-1,700 m altitudes, and in both locations, the farmers have direct contact to guarantee and maintain the highest quality. Furthermore, Finca Santa Paula is a 100% sustainable farm. In both farms, the beans are processed by washing and sun-drying, and they undergo several roasting profiles. Cherry and blackcurrant acids are balanced with ripe pear and sweet chocolate notes.
“Kempinski Corvinus established the concept of Gastronomic Quarter Downtown Budapest in conjunction with the re-construction of the ground level two years ago,” said Kempinski Corvinus General Manager Stephan Interthal. “Guests and customers alike gave it an enthusiastic thumbs-up from the word go. This overwhelming success has inspired management to continue in this gastronomic direction. We’re confident that ÉS Deli will set a new trend in Budapest’s booming gastro scene.”
ÉS Deli is open Monday through Saturday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 12-14
Phone: 06 1 429 3990.


The term “specialty coffee” was first used by Erna Knutsen in Tea & Coffee Trade Journal in 1974, referring to premium coffee beans that were grown in special microclimates.