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Dining with monks
What have monks got to do with gastronomy? Apparently, more than we would think. To find out, visit the Camaldolese Monastery in Majkpuszta until October 31, and have a closer look at this unique exhibition.
Source: Press release
Best of Budapest online | October 17, 2016
Monks dine by strict rules so healthily that their diets can be envied by fittness-idols, however their rules do not only serve the body’s health but the spirit and soul. They manufacture wine, beer and healthy liqueur, and in their gardens they grow vegetables and fruits alongside herbs and spices. Their tables are filled with festive delicacies or – more often – simple dishes of their fast. Cooks of monasteries have not only cooked for their own small community but for thousands of the poor and the sick. Visitors to the monastery can taste flavors of old and new cloisters and convents; they can also get acquainted with those orders in Hungary that have played an important role in the development of gastronomy.

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