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Curry House opens in Budapest
One country, more than 40 languages and some 1,600 dialects - India is very diverse. What unifies all Indian dishes is the spices, and one more thing: an Indian restaurant named Curry House, in Budapest.
Réka Alíz Francisck
Best of Budapest online | November 20, 2013
India is very diverse: every state has its own traditions, regarding culture and gastronomy. What unifies all Indian dishes is the spices that bring them their characteristic fragrance and flavor. Outside this beautiful country, one particular word, the curry became synonymous with Indian food. Indeed, ‘curry powder’ is a key ingredient of Indian dishes. Indian dishes that are now available, at their best, in town, as Budapest’s newest Indian restaurant Curry House opened on October 5, to introduce authentic Indian dishes from ALL OVER India.
Brainchild of Zulkarnain Saer Khan, a young Bangladeshi entrepreneur, the restaurant is set to thrive with its sophisticated style, downtown location, superb food and friendly, attentive staff. Curry House invites guests to experience tastes and techniques resulting from hundreds of years of traditions. Curry House creates contemporary and delectable dishes which are hand crafted and have been attained through the use of carefully sourced ingredients, using the finest range of natural and traditional South Asian ingredients and classic cooking techniques. With references from the Sofitel Dubai, Dubai Marine Beach Resorts and The British Club in Abu Dhabi, Shyam Shrestha chef knows how to make food to perfection: fresh and ‘desi’ (very Indian). It’s important that he serves halal meat only. (For those who didn’t know: halal is an Arabic word that means ‘permissible.’ In terms of food, it means food that is permissible according to Islamic law.) The restaurant can be a perfect place to pop in for a drink, too. Head bartender Saurabh Mathur was trained by the finest professionals. He has worked for Hard Rock Café Mumbai, Rock Bottom Dubai, MGM Macau Hotel, Dubai Marine Beach Resorts and Rotana Group before joining the Curry House team.

Come and feel India!
Curry House does not hide recipes from those intereseted in cooking Indian food. The restaurant is to introduce cooking classes soon, offering fun and hands-on learning experience.
The daily menu at Curry House is also exciting: it takes guests on a culinary ride from Mumbai to Calcutta, from Himachal Pradesh to South India.
The idea behind Curry House comes from the owner’s one and half years of personal research on South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi) restaurant business in the CEE Region. He has long-term plans with Curry House: He would like to see the brand become a household name in the CEE region. By 2020, he is willing to open his Curry House restaurants in five other countries.