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Cooking with Bereznay at the METRO Gastro Academy
As of September, Metro’s Gastro Academy will offer unique gastro workshops to turn ordinary cooks into culinary artists. We have tried it, tested it and found it a great initiative, something worth to try!
Júlia Horváth
Best of Budapest online | August 1, 2014
Located in Budaörs, the academy’s minimalistic exterior transforms into a beautiful reception and kitchen area once you step inside, almost like a hidden treasure. The workshops, which are led by some of Hungary’s most accomplished chefs, mainly target restaurants and leisure industry professionals. However, starting from September, the academy has decided to extend their exclusive workshop audience to the public. The new workshops aim to reach housewives and cooking enthusiasts, so everyone can create culinary masterpieces in the comfort of their own homes.
The academy will soon offer a wide variety of workshops where people can learn how to prepare different types of dishes from exotic Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, to fine dining and street food.
To find a workshop that complements your taste buds, click here!
Everyone will be impressed with your master chef secrets!

Our creation
The gastro blogger workshop I attended took us on a culinary adventure, teaching us how to prepare three unique dishes that complement the summer season. The workshop was led by Tamás Bereznay, the head chef at Kárpátia restaurant. The chef, who has cooked for the likes of Prince Charles and George Bush, claims that the most important part of cooking is not following the exact recipe, but inventing tricks along the way to create uniquely delicious signature dishes. The first course that we made was a refreshingly cool raspberry soup with scented spices, followed by grilled chicken with flavorful green pea pure, and finally, we created a summery dish of rabbit leg with a light peach salad. Tamás Bereznay specially chose these three dishes to show us summery culinary creations that are very simple to make yet are exquisite in taste.