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Cookbook: from us for you to present others
It is not easy to figure out a good surprise for a festive occasion. However, we, at Budapest Week Publishing, have managed to come up with a wonderful idea to help you to present your partners with the perfect gift.
Best of Budapest online | March 11, 2013

Olasz álmok / Italian Dreams / Sogni Italiani is the title of the book in three languages that includes the recipes - and the presentation of the mouth-watering images – of the especially delicious dishes of one of the highly acclaimed restaurants in Budapest.
Why Italian? Italian cuisine has conquered Hungary with a surprising speed. It took less than a decade and millions have become followers - many have even deserted the local culinary traditions for the sake of Italian cuisine. In addition to Donatella Zampoli’s Tuscan recipes, the book is enriched by dishes recalling the wording of Boccaccio, an excerpt from Trimalchio’s Feast by Petronius, memorable appetizing lines by Gyula Krúdy or the famous series of paintings created from foods by Arcimboldo. A separate chapter discusses why Hungarians go to Italy, and another as to why Italians go to Hungary. Both the food and the aforementioned chapters are accompanied by full-page color photos.
This volume, intended for a gift, is universal, can be given to domestic and foreign partners. The basic version (HUF 3,500+VAT) is neutral, but the cover - on request (over a certain number of copies) – can be made different in unique fashion, and can carry text and/or logo of the company donating it. It is only a matter of consensus.
The approximately 100-page, A4-sized volume includes 32 recipes that have been tried and can be tried.
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