Saturday January 20, 2018 |
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Colors, Flavors, Scents at Vajdahunyad Castle
This temporary exhibition of the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture leads visitors through the realm of the senses and perception, showcasing horticultural, viticultural and distillery products. The show closes on March 2.
Source: press release
Best of Budapest online | February 28, 2014
Find out what the scent pyramid is, or what the cabbage has got to do with the Hungarian coat of arms by visiting this new interactive exhibition of the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture. Entitled 'Colours, Flavours, Scents - Perception by the senses in the garden and from the garden,' the exhibition will be open until March 2, at the Vajdahunyad castle.
The atmospheric, interactive presentation builds on personal experience, as it demostrates the versatility of flowers, vegetables, fruits, ornamental and medicinal plants, dried fruits, grapes, wines and distillates with the aid of samples that visitors can touch and smell. The bold design of scenery and illustrations is the work of young designers, and the exhibition is made more alive and rich in experience by floral clocks, scent pyramids and playful quizzes.