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ChocoMe wins 9 international awards
Celebrating it’s fifth birthday this year, chocoMe, the chocolate manufactory with 100% Hungarian ownership won no less than 9 awards at the International Chocolate Awards just recently.
Source: press release
Best of Budapest online | October 7, 2015
At the independent and prestigious 'International Chocolate Awards' Eastern European regional event the Hungarian brand saw a smashing success with 9 medals this time (4 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals and 2 Bronze medals). 
As a Hungarian competitor chocoMe won the most medals and the most Gold medals.
 Last year in 2014 chocoMe was the first Hungarian brand to be honoured with a medal at the same world championship.

The competition is similar to the Michelin Star in significance, but comes closer in nature to the Bocuse d’ Or. The winners of the regional events (Eastern Europe, Belgium, Scandinavia, Italy, Canada, USA etc.) will get to qualify for the World Finals, which will be held this year in London on October 12-14. It’s worth mentioning that this year's event will be part of the Salon du Chocolat (The Chocolat Show) chocolate exhibition, where chocoMe will be the only Hungarian attendee amongst the medal winners. The international jury will consist of the most famous chocolatiers and culinary experts, sommeliers and chefs: the Seventy% (UK), the Manhattan Chocolate Society (US), the Master of Wine (UK), 'The New Taste of Chocolate' (US), the Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts (US), 'The Well-Tempered Chocolatier' Canada) and many more.
 The chairman of the event is Martin Christy, founding member of the Academy of Chocolate in the UK and editor of the authoritative chocolate website Seventy% - who is held today as one of the worlds greatest chocolate experts.

“This kind of prestigious acknowledgment is an absolute honour, I can’t believe that out of our 11 entries 9 won a medal,” said Gábor Mészáros chocolatier, founding owner of chocoMe. 
"Still, we cannot rest yet: we would like to prove ourselves in the London finals as well - we would love to win at least one Gold medal in the world championship,” he added.

With these recognitions the number of chocoMe’s international awards grew to 20, which grants the company a leading role in representing Hungary on an international scale.

The award-winning products on the event were:

GOLD: Almonds coated with dark chocolate, Voatsiperifery pepper and cocoa powder
GOLD: Freeze-dried raspberry coated with white chocolate
GOLD: Almonds from Avola coated with milk chocolate and tonka beans
GOLD: Sicilian almonds coated with Guérande salty blonde chocolate and crispy wafer
SILVER: Pecans covered in milk chocolate mixed with caramel and salted vanilla powder from Tahiti
SILVER: Candied Spanish orange peel coated with dark chocolate and spiced with cinnamon and clove
BRONZE: Candied Spanish lemon peel coated with dark chocolate
BRONZE: G102 dark chocolate bar with red fruits