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Blue Fox The Bar's debut at the Gourmet Festival
For the first time, Blue Fox The Bar will set up its own stall at this year's Gourmet Festival, “the coolest flow of culinary experiences”, at Millenáris on May 12-15. For shocking cocktail sensations, head to stall Nr 31!
Source: press release
Best of Budapest online | May 10, 2016
“We will introduce two cocktails, specifically created for the Festival,” says Attila Felhősi, head bartender. “I was thinking of all the countless impulses we take every minute of the day – colors, textures, scents – and we don’t consider many of them as flavor. So what if I was to translate these exciting sensations into a drink?”
Christened Taste of The Pine Forest, this drink conjures up the imaginary flavor of cool pine forests. “It’s a truly refreshing summer cocktail, in which we use pine needle liquor, eucalyptus and cedar syrup and dark rum,” explains Attila. “We serve it chilled, mixed with apple juice.” Taste of The Pine Forest also has a non-alcoholic variety.

Blue Fox’s other specialty, Taste of The Electric, was inspired by electricity. “We fuse Furmint wine with Sechuan buttons, a flower,” Attila reveals. “What’s curious about this flower is one of its ingredients – lidocaine. We then add vodka and grapefruit and balance the slightly bitter flavor with sunflower honey.” Taste of The Electric will be served without ice, in a glass shaped like a light bulb.

While these two new specialty cocktails are available only at Gourmet Festival, Blue Fox The Bar in downtown Erzsébet tér continues to serve its diverse range of creative and classic cocktails, at 15% off until 15 June 2016, for those who take a selfie with their drink in their hand at the Blue Fox stall at Gourmet Festival and present it to the Bar’s staff. You can find Blue Fox The Bar at stall 31.

Blue Fox The Bar is the place for aficionados in search of new cocktail concepts. Attila Felhősi takes great care of the menu, which reflects the philosophy of “respect the old and learn from the new”. Blue Fox’s style is a mix (stirred, shaken) of traditional elements and the latest trends to engage all the senses in the enjoyment of the cocktails – not just a drink!

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