Saturday January 20, 2018 |
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Babel re-opens
Following a deliberate short break, Babel Budapest reopened on July 22, debuting a brand new menu and kitchen team in the very heart of the city, on Piarista Lane in District 5 on the Pest side.
Translation: Alexandra Ruff
Best of Budapest online | July 27, 2016
The fine dining restaurant mainly focuses on traditional tastes of the late Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, however, Transylvania and its natural resources are in the spotlight now.  For instance, guests are invited to feast on the dessert named ’Békás szoros’ after Bicaz Gorge, a beautiful narrow pass linking Transylvania to the historical Romanian region of Moldavia in the Eastern Carpathians. Mother Nature feels closer than ever while leafing through Babel’s new menu; guests can even taste ’Dew’, ranch chicken with hay and corn and will also find many meals using regional herbs. In the kitchen, two chefs work in perfect harmony: István Varga and Gábor Langer, who both returned from abroad to work in Babel Budapest and who complete each other perfectly. Along with owner Hubert Hlatky-Schlichter, they represent the spirit of the new Babel.
"Babel, finally, is just like I have always wanted it to be: well-thought out and sophisticated.  We headed back to the way which has been Babel’s from the very beginning; what I call the real, absolutely deliberate and whole-hearted ’Kitchen art’ in capital letters, has finally ripened," Hubert says, adding that in Isván and Gábor he has found all the qualities he needed; such as knowledge, spirit and attitude. “Together, I believe we will be able to set trends.

When it comes to renewal, Babel did not stop at the kitchen. Brand new dish compositions are now served in beautiful new chinaware: lace printed plates custom-made by the well-known Hungarian ceramics artist, Juli Néma. Babel’s wine list features a unique selection of more than two hundred Hungarian wines, carefully chosen to best accompany dishes by sommelier Péter Blazsovszky.