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A Momentous Wine Summit
The Prestige Reserve Club held a wine summit at Kárpátia Restaurant on September 11, where 25 wines from 25 top wineries proved that real progress has been made by Hungarian wine producers over the last 25 years.
Source: press release
Best of Budapest online | September 28, 2015
At the event, each winemaker presented a wine to experts and members of the press, which demonstrated the improvements made in winemaking, the high-quality, the terroir character, and the individual style of the winery. Together the winemakers and experts took part in the tasting and evaluated the wines.

The full repertoire of wines tasted at the event

Jásdi István Lőczedombi Olaszrizling ’13
Bott Frigyes Super Granum ’13
Demeter Zoltán Őszhegy Sárgamuskotály ’13
Szepsy István  Szent Tamás ’13
Figula Mihály Szilénusz ’12
Légli Ottó Gesztenyés Rizling ’11
Koch Csaba Késői Chardonnay ’13
Etyeki Kúria Kékfrankos ’13
Balla Géza  Szikla Cuvée ’12
Gál Tibor Superior Bikavér ’11
St. Andrea Nagy-Eged-hegy ’11
Gróf Buttler Nagy-Eged-hegy Syrah ’11
Bősz Adrián Emese Cuvée ’11
Dúzsi Tamás Görögszó ’11
Konyári János Páva ’11
Kovács Nimród NJK ’09
Heimann Zoltán Barbár ’09
Vylyan  Duennium ’09
Tiffán Ede Elysium ’08
Takler Regnum ’07
Malatinszky Csaba Kúria Cabernet Franc ’07
Bock Magnifico ’07
Hétszőlő Late harvest Hárslevelű ’13
Disznókő 6 puttonyos Aszú ’99

In the strategy of each winery the further refinement of quality plays an important role, improving the vinification, since there is a necessary adaptation to the changing and growing market’s expectations. Each of the wineries’ situations is different, which means in practice, everyone’s approach to winemaking will differ. To achieve a unique, sophisticated, high-quality wine, it is of paramount importance to find the best terroirs, to respond correctly to the impact of climate change (ripeness, the level of alcohol, sugar, acidity and tannins in the grapes,), as well as to adopt innovations and ensure sufficient care is taken in barrel selection so that it enhances the unique terroirs, the primary fruit characters, the freshness and the complexity.

There is no definitive recipe for the "best" wine because there are not only the different conditions, but also the dozens of variables in growing grapes, therefore the main aspect in achieving a winning formula must be adaptability, to be receptive to changes and to be willing to improve.

The organizer László Doszpod says, “We are looking forward to the next summit, and already preparing to create a summary of our experiences for the year 2020, which will mark 30 years of involvement in the wine industry. In the meantime, we will monitor developments every step of the way there.”

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