Saturday January 20, 2018 |
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3rd Bread & Pastry Festival
This weekend, head to Buda Castle for a unique gastronomical experience! The Bread and Pastry Festival, organized on May 10-11, will line up the best Hungarian bakeries and a number of cultural programs.
Best of Budapest online | May 8, 2014
Without bread daily meals are unimaginable, but even so our most important food is often „only” a sideman on the table. The aim of the festival is to present the rich traditions of the Hungarian bread making and the selected delicacies of the bakeries throughout Hungary. Visitors are invited to taste ravelling loaf, rye and potato specialties, both traditional and reformed, with or without yeast. Besides the different bread types popular pastries appear as well, such as the popular 'kakaós csiga'. Folk concerts and and other cultural and children programs will entertain kids and adult alike. The venue is the Savoy and Halászó fiú terraces.