Saturday January 20, 2018 |
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3 Michelin stars for Budapest
Just recently, a third restaurant in Budapest won a Michelin star. Costes was the first in the city to receive such an accolade, and it has successfully retained its star once again, along with Onyx.
Best of Budapest online | March 17, 2014
The gastronomy scene in Budapest has been exploding over the past 10 years with a mix of dining experiences for all. From street food to fine dining there continues to be a growing demand among the locals and visitors alike to reward those eateries with a great kitchen and reliable service. Of course, now it is the award season and the Michelin guide has just announced that Budapest’s Costes and Onyx restaurants have retained there well-earned stars and are joined by Borkonyha (Wine Kitchen) as the third Budapest restaurant to earn a star. The interesting part of this award is that Michelin has departed from its „fine dining” model as Borkonyha can be better described as „casual fine dining”. Surely this is the trend internationally and with this we can look forward to more restaurateurs seeking the fame and fortune of this recognition!