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25th Budapest Wine Festival
One of Central Europe's most prestigious, most popular wine and art fests is being organized on Sep 8-11 in the beautiful historic setting of Buda Castle. The 25th annual festival is dedicated to introducing Hungary's best reds and whites, live music, gourmet food and countless programs.
Source: Press release
Best of Budapest online | August 31, 2016
Every September, Budapest’s International Wine and Champagne Festival proves to be the highlight of the festival scene, traditionally presenting thousands of Hungary's best reds and whites, live music, gourmet food and countless programs, in the beautiful historic setting of the UNESCO World Heritage site Buda Castle. To be organized on Sep 8-11, this is the 25th consecutive annual festival, dedicated to introducing the best wines of Hungary and the world, to inviting wine-makers to a personal meeting with wine-lovers and providing an unforgettable experience for everyone. Event attendees will again be able to taste and network with independent growers to learn about the differences between styles, regions and country production methods and take mundane wine tasting to new levels. 
Twice the fun

Trying the so-called ‘A couple of wine couples’ program is a must at the festival: winemakers will offer their wine in a "two drinks for one" system, to encourage experts and non-experts alike to make comparisons, to recognize certain types of grapes or vintages. By enrolling in the two-day Wine University, guests can make an exciting journey back to the 90s and early 2000s, then, returning to today's trends, they can learn what has changed in wine making and wine consumption habits during the past nearly three decades. To draw more attention to the diversity of Hungary's wines, the characteristics of local grape varieties and local wine styles, a special program will be introduced, entitled ‘Taste of Hungary’. With thematic tasting tours, this program provides guidance to foreign guests and those Hungarians who are newcomers to the world of wine tasting. On Sunday, starting at 1 PM, a parade will be held: representatives of Hungarian wine regions, members of wine orders and wine-lovers' associations march through the streets in the castle, in a colourful, spectacular procession, to evoke the atmosphere of harvest parades. Another tradition is the Charity Wine Auction that will be held for the 18th time this year.  The income (last year almost HUF 5 million) will serve the aims of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service. During the four days of the festival, the most popular Hungarian bands in world music, folk music, folk dance and jazz genres will step on stage, such as Csík Band, Szabó Balázs' Band, Equinox and Mihály Borbély, Binder Károly Quartet, the Sárik Péter Trio and Tamás Berki, the Budapest Ragtime Band together with Angelika Kelemen and Ferenc Muck, the Kertész Dance Company and the Fitos Dezső Company, to name only a few. On the weekend, arts and crafts programs will be available for children at the Oroszlános Courtyard: they can learn how to use corks to create different types of toys, presents and decorations. 

The Wine Festival offers a cornucopia of culinary delights, ranging from traditional festival cuisine and street food to gourmet specialities. Gastronomy exhibitors this year include Sarki Fűszeres, Szarvasgomba Világa, Gerbeaud Café, Bolka Bonbon, Molnár's Kürtőskalács, the Low Cost Gourmet Trailer, Montenegrói Gurman, Reinpold's KOLBice, Bakker, Budapest Burger, Szittya Buci, SZEGA Market, Országkonyha, Csülök Bar and Nespresso. Those wanting to enjoy their lunch or dinner at a laid table, still in the midst of the Festival, can do so under the Baroque gate at the exclusive  Budapest Terrace, by choosing the Laid Table service. This includes a three-course lunch or dinner with wines plus the daily ticket for the Wine Festival.
The festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the Buda Castle from all over the world, and it is a unique festival even by European standards,” organizers say. They believe that the combination of the world heritage setting, and the assortment of premium local wines can greatly contribute to the acknowledgment of Hungarian wines in the world market and to a more pronounced image of the country as a popular travel destination. “Even if you are not a wine expert, the ambience and the programs guarantee an unforgettable time spent in Budapest.”
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