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Zoltán Feke and his new restaurant Petrus Part 2.
The name of Zoltán Feke is not unknown on the Hungarian gastronomy scene. He received two Bib Gourmand nominations for Vár: a Speiz, the restaurant he is now leaving to open his own place, named Petrus, in District 9.
Annamária Riedl
Best of Budapest online | July 5, 2013

Where does the name come from? Any connections to the restaurant of Gordon Ramsay? (Pétrus)
No, absolutely not. There were a plenty of French name-variations, too. But as I have said, we are not a French bistro. Then petresilium that translates to petrezselyem, came to my mind – Petrus, parsley, which is frequently used by chefs as an ingredient, is a must in the kitchen, and almost everyone likes it. It is simple, good, and needed – and we hope the same is true of this restaurant.
As chef, you have little effect on the business operations of a restaurant. Now, you’re an owner. How can you cope with this?
It helps a lot, that the team has been a part of my life for a long time. I can count on them which saves me time to do everything else, reading, searching for new ideas and even choosing the right decoration for this place. We did not hire an interior designer, even the last screw was put in the wall by me. Of course I know the risks of owning a restaurant. I picked a card for 19. But my long term plan is to build something lasting, which can stand in for quality.
That show kitchen is huge enough to organize a cooking school here. Isthat on your agenda?
No, not really. This kitchen serves the purpose of letting guests see how difficult but also magical is to cook.
You are planning to engrave the names of your regular guests into wine glasses, I have heard.
It is a nice gesture, I think. I already have the first name, of a gentleman who comes in every day.
Because of people like him, I know that I’m on the right path and that indeed this place is worth the effort.