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The Best Hamburger in Budapest
BRGR’s gourmet hamburgers are made from unique recipes that have been precisely crafted and tested to produce the best possible gourmet hamburger. No wonder BRGR’s pöri burger won the 'Best Hamburger in 2014' title.
Júlia Horváth
Best of Budapest online | November 3, 2014
László Árpád, the owner of the well-known Robinson restaurant as well as BRGR, says that they use the best quality ingredients, from the finest meat and freshly baked buns, to the sauces. They make everything themselves, almost like in a top secret laboratory, this is why the entire recipe creates a unique flavor for their burgers. “Our hamburgers are carefully planned and thought out from start to finish,” states Árpad.

Stew in the burger
The pöri burger is made from the ingredients of the well-known Hungarian marha pörkölt.  From the beef, to the spices, all the way to the cucumber salad, when you bite into it you experience the taste of the dish in a burger form.  “Out of the 19 entries our hamburger was the winner as it was something very unique and original; putting all parts of a typical Hungarian dish into a hamburger is something that has never been done before!” says the restaurant owner, who believes the secret to the perfect hamburger is a perfectly crafted step by step recipe made from the finest ingredients, almost like a science. The judges were looking at the hamburgers’ look as well as taste, which was also beneficiary to the hamburger line, as BRGR’s hamburgers are not just pleasing to your taste buds but to your eyes as well. BRGR concentrates on making the burgers look visually appealing as well as delicious, which is another factor that separates the gourmet hamburgers from the rest of the burgers in the street food world.
Árpád never imagined that he would be the owner of a hamburger restaurant, as he has always catered fine dining at Robinson. “I never thought that such a culture would be formed around the hamburger world. Before when I thought of hamburgers, I thought of fast food chains and not gourmet quality hamburgers which is what BRGR serves.”

“As the street food culture arrived to Hungary, it was a very new thing and consumers had to face the fact that they have been tricked when it comes to knowing what a real hamburger was. I watched the street food culture rise and thought to myself: with my experience in the restaurant and catering world why can’t I open a hamburger line that serves original hamburgers made from 100% real good quality beef and buns made from my own recipes. I realized that I can create a meal that meets the high quality food standards that we serve in Robinson but in street food version instead.” And that is what he did, by opening the first BRGR gourmet hamburger restaurant in Városliget near Robinson restaurant. Following the success of the first hamburger restaurant, another hamburger stand was shortly opened on Váci utca, and a third BRGR is currently in the works of opening on Király utca at the entrance of Gozsdu udvar. The entrepreneur, who also started the well-known stuffed animal and gift franchise Happy Box has experience in franchising, and expressed hope in expending BRGR as well “Once we have three successful BRGR restaurants, we can think about franchising it, the ideal would be to open two new burger stands next year”. Along with the winner of the Best Hamburger title, the pöri burger, you can try dozens of other unique burgers, made from the finest beef to salmon, and even a Philly cheese steak (see photo Nr. 1.), the well-known American sandwich that was bought to Hungary by BRGR.