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Gábor Horváth and the Paul Bocuse Institute
Gábor Horváth, chef of the Mádi Udvarház attended a special, 5-week-long course not long ago at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon. He had the chance to compare Hungarian cuisine with other countries’ kitchen.
Annamária Riedl
Best of Budapest online | September 2, 2013

Following a two-week-long classic French cuisine course, came the Mediterranean gastronomy and then contemporary cuisine, taught by great chefs including Michelin star pros such as Vincent Fleury, Executive Sous Chef from the Terre Blanche Hotel Spa & Golf Resort****. “These teachers required professional attitude from us, they repeated nothing twice, so we had to be focused not to miss a trick or a word,” Horváth says. Back again to Hungary, he notes, “It is very sad that if you want to learn something in this business, you have to go abroad. French are at least 30 years ahead of us regarding technology, professionalism and even the ingredients. It is an utterly different world, where selling EUR 18 tomatoes is not a problem.” When asked about how he plans to use the knowledge he gained, given the lack of the highest quality ingredients in Hungary, he replies with a smile, “I have also learned how to be creative. I also want to continue learning, as French cuisine has multiple layers to discover."