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Fördős Z, the gastro blogger soars
Fördős Z, the video-gastro blogger is soaring again. The juror of the Konyhafőnök gastro-reality show introduced his own gastro show at RTL Klub. When he is not cooking, he is flying. I asked him which one came earlier: paragliding or cooking?
Krisztina Hídvégi
Best of Budapest online | March 18, 2015
I have been a lover of flying since I was 18! Many imagine paragliding as an adrenalin-filled extreme sport, but in reality it presents those who do it with the experience of being united with nature and the peacefulness of flow-state. Paragliding has an effect on my whole life and my outlook. It also has an effect on how I prepare my foods. The recipe for both is pretty simple: take it easy and trust your instincts! We should bravely cook food that can be prepared quickly from simple but high quality ingredients. I’m lucky that I inherited my love for cooking. Both my father and my grandmother were cooks. It is natural that by the age of 9, I was already writing my own recipe booklet.

But, unlike your relatives, you never worked as a cook. Still, you become famous for standing in front of the camera and cooking. You started your Szárnyas Ízvadász (Winged Taste-hunter) gastro-video blog in September 2012. You cooked on the French Riviera, on the bank of a river, in the mountains, in an alley; you also showed the coolest street food places of Rome, London, Tunis and Budapest. Why did you think, that it would be worth starting it?

At home, my brother and I were watching cooking shows on TV all the time.  We eventually looked at each other and said: We could do it much better. We borrowed a hand-held camera, and recorded a few cooking videos, with the aim of getting on television. It didn’t work then, but on the internet, our videos were spreading very fast, and in an instant we became incredibly popular. It was an underground initiative that started from the bottom, where we cooked whatever we wanted.  Today, under the name Street Kitchen we upload approximately 12 videos each month, and each of them get an average 20-30 thousand views.

You’ve been a popular juror of the gastro reality show Konyhafőnök, and recently you also got your own gastro show at RTL Klub with the title Street Kitchen. How do you feel in this new role?

I love it. I’m happy, because this way I can show even more people how they can prepare traditional dishes at home, their favourite street food and even feasts in a mere thirty minutes. In my gastro show, Street Kitchen, my companion, Dóra Havas, who has become one of Hungary’s most famous gastro blogger under the name Lila Füge  and I do our best every Saturday to show people how much fun cooking can be.

In Budapest quality ingredients are available at more and more places. Do you think that this is the reason more and more people have started to love cooking?

Many not only strive to cook almost restaurant- quality dishes at home using quality ingredients because they can save money, but because “social cooking” can be a great way to spend your time. More and more young people know the markets and butchers well and more and more are searching for specialities, or maybe long forgotten traditional recipes. Many are discovering how much freedom and pleasure it gives when they learn to play with the flavours. It is also an important aspect, that for the price of a gyros and coke you can prepare a real dinner – provided you have a good recipe!

Eating in the street originally started as a necessity in the poorer areas of the world.  Nowadays, in almost every big city many people follow the trend of street food. This is also present in Budapest. Why has it become so popular?

I think it might be in a large part because of the spread of gastro blogs. It is wonderful, that each week, new street food places open in Budapest, with increasing quality. And they operate almost always to a full house. I think this tendency will continue for a very long time for the pleasure of all of us because you have to enjoy life and the good things in it!