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Delizia - a gastro lover’s paradise
There is a shop in the Buda hills, where the shelves are stocked with only the highest quality products. A shop, where you can literally buy the best products available. When I step into Delizia I feel like Alice in Wonderland.
Krisztina Hídvégi
Best of Budapest online | March 26, 2015
Apart from everyday items, at Delizia, connoisseurs can find artisan products from Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, and beyond. Just to name a few of the delicacies: cheese specialties, wines, hams and salamis, chocolates and sweets, an assortment of beverages, coffees and teas, cakes, cookies and pastries, chutneys, jams, oils and spices as well as essential ingredients for international recipes.The variety is out of this world. My mouth started to water as I took in the sight of the seductively tempting gourmet foods. I would have loved to bundle up this magical world to take home. Of course, I dismissed this thought as I started thinking seriously of the menu for my weekend dinner party. Luckily the free recipes placed amongst the shelves came to my aid. And, there was no need to wait until I got home to taste the culinary wonders.  Behind the counter they were already slicing me a taste of the two kings of acorn fed Ibérico hams: the prize winning Cinco Jotas (5J) and Joselito. As the first bite melted in my mouth, I couldn’t help but agree that they really are amazing!
Next up was a taste of Papillon – the Rolls Royce of Roqueforts. I also sampled a piquant Hungarian cheese from the tuffaceous caves of Tekeresvölgy near Veszprém. The cheese was aged to perfection, and I could just imagine it paired with a recommended wine. I was accompanied on this culinary journey by store manager, Zoltán Kertai.

How did you choose what products to stock on your shelves?
We personally sought out the European artisan manufacturers from whom we chose the best quality products that we wanted to sell. Only the best of everything. One of our primary objectives was to stock the store with child-friendly health foods originating mainly from organic farms.

Which Delizia product do you consider the most exciting?
It’s a hard choice, since we stock such commodities as the world’s best olive oil, balsamic vinegar jam, Nuovo Mandrio’s prize-winning parmesan (it won the Best Italian Cheese Award three years straight between 2008 and 2011), San Daniele ham made based on the Bagatto family’s 100-year-old recipe, organic Ecomela apple and pear products and Osborne pata negra ham. Each and every one of them is of premium quality. We also sell Hungarian artisan products. One of the most popular Hungarian products is Tibor Szántó’s World Cup winning chocolate.

What kind of people shop here? Only from the wealthiest layer of society?
Hungarian taste is improving and becoming more refined. More and more middle class customers come into our shop with specific ideas they want to carry out. We strive to help everyone find what they are looking for and to prove: the best is better than good.

Do you have any self-manufactured products on your shelves?
Yes, we make pastas, sauces, packaged spices and also sell ready-cooked meals.
The amazing array of food is accompanied by an equally amazing variety of beverages.
I’m a  founding member of the Hungarian Sommelier Association. We strive to continuously broaden our prosecco, champagne and wine selection. We carry such prestigious wines as Salon, Ayala, Barnaut   or Bollinger (James Bond’s favorit champagne), but wine lovers can also find products from Gaja’s, Chanson’s, Demeter’s and Ráspi’s wineries. We also stock various aged rum and cognac specialties and single malt whisky’s. Only the best and beyond! Buon Appetito and Cheers!