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Tamás Széll wins Bocuse d’Or Europe final
Hungarian chef Tamás Széll and his team have won the European final of Bocuse d’Or - the world’s most prestigious contest for chefs - that ended in Budapest this Wednesday. Norway came in second and Sweden third in the contest that began the day before.
Source: press release
Best of Budapest online | May 11, 2016
Gastronomes and gourmet connoisseurs mark this name: Tamás Széll! The 34 year-old chef has won the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2016, the most prestigious reward in the world of European gastronomy. Wednesday, at Budapest, performing live in front of hundreds of enthusiastic supporters, Tamás Széll surpassed the other 19 participants thanks to his talent and creativity. Széll won over the contest jury that was composed of legendary chefs from all over Europe by preparing a leg of young deer grilled on charcoal with hungarian spices, mushrooms and smoked magalicza pork fat (Hungarian spring forest theme) and a lightly salted Sterlet and langoustine glazed with pickled ramson seeds and brown butter (Hungarian spring revival).

"Bocuse d’Or Europe has never been been as popular as it is now around the world. It’s a great success! The enthusiasm and support of the whole hungarian nation have boosted the show. They succeeded in promoting their gastronomic and cultural assets," Florent Suplisson, GL events Gastronomic Events Director said.


Tamás Széll, from the restaurant Onyx* (Budapest), won the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2016 and 12,000 euros in prize money.

Christopher William Davidsen, from the restaurant Søstrene Karlsen (Trondheim), won the Bocuse d’Argent 2016 and 9,000 euros in prize money.

Alexander Sjögren, freelance, won the Bocuse de Bronze 2016 and 6,000 euros in prize money.

Special Fish Prize: Viktor Örn Andrésson, Chef at Grillid restaurant (Reykjavik) - Iceland
Special Meat Prize: Laurent Lemal, Executive Chef Domaine de Riberach* (Bélesta) - France
Best Commis Prize: Hampus Risberg - Sweden

After long months of practice and rehearsals involving much abnegation, ups and downs, extreme concentration finally followed by two days of very intense competition, 11 European candidates have now earned their qualification to take part in the World Final that will take place in Lyon, France on January 24-25, 2017.  But there is no time to rest! They now need to start an intensive training programme in order to be ready for the final event. An event that promises to mark the history of the contest, as not only will it reveal the new stars of gastronomy worldwide but it will also mark the 30th anniversary of this unique contest that was created by Paul Bocuse, the leader of haute cuisine.

The contest has come such a long way since 1987 when Paul Bocuse launched this event that he intended as being both professional and festive! Since then, dozens of chefs have earned an international standing for themselves, new cooking techniques have been revealed, new trends have emerged, and less known culinary cultures have gained recognition. This 2017 edition will undoubtedly mark the gathering of the worldwide gastronomy family united by Monsieur Paul’s original objective that was to “turn cuisine into a great show!”