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In Vino Scientia
At this year’s fifth edition of the nationally registered wine competition of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), seven wines were chosen for the title ‘The wine of MTA 2014’.
Source: press release
Best of Budapest online | March 3, 2014
“Wine is a close kin to science. Why? Because you need to know how nature works to be able to make wine, and making wine is at the same time, a tiring service, a persistent, disciplined and patient business, just as doing science,” President of MTA, József Pálinkás emphasized at the award ceremony held on February 26.

New trends
This year, 54 wineries and winemakers submitted 147 wines in total, in upscale and medium categories. Nearly one third of the entries arrived from the Tokaj region, while 18 wines from Szekszárd, 17 from Villány and 15 from the Kunság region. It’s interesting to note that this year twice as many rosé wines were nominated as last year. The jury observed that the alcohol content of the wines was higher both in the red and in the white categories this year. The category of dessert wines and upscale red wines seemed to be populated by outstanding entries. “When the Citadel of Hungarian science lends its name to a product, such as a particular wine, it performs an important mission in science diplomacy,” academician György Hajós, the chairman of the jury said, adding, “In this incoming year, scientists, specialists and visitors expected to go and see MTA sites both from inside and outside Hungary will have the chance to enjoy those wines at events, receptions or ceremonies, and the taste of those products will be associated and remembered with the meeting they attended. Wine is a drink for the moments of exhilaration; this is why we need to offer the best of the best.

Award winners of the title “Wine of the MTA 2014”
Medium category – White wine
Tokaji Furmint 2012 (Royal Tokaji Borászati Zrt.)
Katinka 2011 (Patricius Borház, Tokaj)
Medium category – Rosé
Szöllősi Rosé 2013 (Szöllősi Pincészet, Neszmély)
Medium category – red wine
Szekszárdi Cabernet Franc 2011 (Takler Pince, Szekszárd)

Top category – white wine
TOP Selection Apátsági Furmint 2011 (Tornai Pincészet, Somló-hegy)
Top category – red wine
Bock Cuvée 2009 (Bock Borászat, Villány)
Top category – dessert wine
6 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú 2003 (Patricius Borház, Tokaj)