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Day of the Museum of Ethnography
March 5 marks the foundation of Budapest's Museum of Ethnography, more precisely the day when János Xantus, a self-educated scientist, explorer and zoologist was appointed as director of the institution. The museum celebrates with multiple and free programs.
Francisck Réka Alíz
Best of Budapest online | March 5, 2012

The Museum of Ethnography is one of the oldest institutions in Hungary. It was founded as a subdivision of the Hungarian National Museum in 1872 under the leadership of János Xantus aka John Xantus de Vesey (1825 -1894). Xantus was a Hungarian exile and zoologist, who also served as the Director of the Zoological Garden of Budapest, as well as undertaking collecting expeditions in Asia. Today, the Museum of Ethnography is one of Europe's largest museums, featuring a diverse collection of more than 200,000 ethnographic artefacts, as well as historical photographs, manuscripts, folk music recordings, films, and videos of both Hungarian and international cultural interest.



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